I completed my first Escape Room in May 2017 at Breakout in Chester, loved it, and now try to escape as often as my circumstances allow.

The usual team comprises myself and Mr Carrot, who often gets harangued (his word) into being reluctantly dragged along.  We have occasional additions and the odd team up, and also a few where Mr Carrot couldn’t make it as he claimed he had things in real life to deal with, but I think they’re lies and he’s just a slacker.

We’re getting a fair bit of experience under our belts, but don’t let that fool you into thinking we’re any good at this, as we usually need clues to get through a room.

Lots of clues.

Our favourite rooms get awarded a Golden Disco Ball of Awesome Escapiness.


Tactile stuff, where you have to physically use objects to make something work or to solve a puzzle.

Clever use of hidden tech, or unexpected hidden doors.

An engaging story that the staff are invested in.

A well themed and solidly built room.


Puzzles that make no sense or require outside knowledge.

Rooms being difficult because they’re too dark.

Too many similar padlocks at the same time with no indication of which one a code is for.

No timer in the room.

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