Our favourite rooms!

I decided against having any kind of scoring system for the rooms, as beyond personal taste I found it just about impossible to rate them against each other as most often there was nothing that was like for like, so instead I’ve just written a short review and awarded a

Golden Disco Ball

to the rooms that really stood out in a good way for whatever reason. It could have been the puzzles, how well the room flowed, the theming, the atmosphere, or most likely a combination of all of these going together that made the room so entertaining. In some cases, they may not technically be the ‘best’ rooms, but they’re definitely the ones that we had the most fun in and enjoyed the most at the time.

I’ve always tried to focus on the positives, but if there was anything particularly bad, illogical, unfair, or just plain silly then I’ll have mentioned that too.

These are the rooms that have earned themselves a Golden Disco Ball of Awesome Escapiness.